Innovative Israel
Gat Fertilizers: Sharing the future of fertigation24 Mar 2016

Combining liquid and solid fertilizers with unique additives produced at its plants with exclusive, cutting edge technology, the company can tailor fertilizer composition to a specific crop and thus maximize yields.

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Senior officials arrive from Singapore to discuss joint technology projects 18 May 2016

Senior officials from Singapore arrived in Israel to take part in a board meeting with Israeli representatives to discuss joint projects valued at some $8.2 million.

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Buy Israeli chocolate from Tokyo to Rio15 Feb 2016

According to the Foreign Trade Administration at the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry, chocolate exports from Israel exceeded $10 million last year and can be found in 43 countries, including South Korea, Egypt and Angola.

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Israel Innovation Authority selects new technological incubator licensees20 Mar 2016

Exceptional proposals in different technology sectors were tendered. The committee's choice reflects the quality and makeup of the teams presenting the proposals, relevant markets, and the broad effect on the Israeli economy.

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Water recycling technologies in Israel29 Mar 2016

Battling water shortage since its inception, Israel is now a world leader in recycling wastewater. With many countries suffering from water shortage, Israel is keen to share its knowledge and technology.

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Upcoming conferences

CleanTech 2016 - 3-5 April 2016 | Innovation Seminar for European Startup Managers - 4-7 April 2016 | TAU Innovation Conference - 6-8 June 2016 | Cyberweek 2016 19-23 June 2016

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